ATY #004 - Does RGB Sell Builds?! Do You Hunt For AMD CPUs? Zotac X58 Motherboard?!


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Here is the next Episode of Address the Yes, your comments answered in depth!

0:33 - Is the Nvidia Manufacturer Manli OK? (Wants to buy a Manly GTX 1060 6GB)
1:36 - ATI 7990 Is it any good? What would it work with?
2:48 - We are in yes agreement.
3:05 - More responses to the haters and blasting them please?
3:59 - Asoos or Aynoose? Azeus? Asus?
4:13 - Zotac X58 Motherboard needs a new bios, can I use another manufacturers?
5:35 - GTX 1080 Ti for 550 Euro is it a good deal? What deals do you get in Aus?
6:06 - When's the next can yes fix it?
6:31 - Could you make the comments a little bigger?
6:37 - Have you considered testing Linux with the steam port function?
7:31 - JarJar Hater confirmed :(
7:46 - 8700K at 1.33v on a Kraken x62 doesn't cool anywhere near as good as my H115i, it's nearly a 20 degree difference... is this right?
8:43 - Don't worry about targeting age groups!
9:17 - GTX 780 woes? Have you had driver issues like mine?
10:19 - JarJar lover confirmed (heart symbol)
10:37 - X3480 doesn't overclock, what is wrong with it? I have had no luck ocing it. please help.
11:13 - Do you ever hunt for AMD CPUs?
11:41 - If more people buy the datavac then the price will go up, you don't know how the economy works Bryan?
12:22 - SquishyPoo will keep us updated on his endeavors.
12:38 - Now dont stop wearing the glasses please!
12:49 - The kingspec testimony
13:13 - The BCLK overclock for the 6th Gen CPUs on 100 series boards, is it still good in 2018? I can't find a bios for it?
14:11 - An alternative to the DataVac? The Makita?
14:48 - What do you do with noisy reference cooler cards?
15:23 - Do you put windows on a used hdd or get a new SSD?
15:53 - What to do if you have creepy noises coming out of your hard drive?
16:20 - Are you trying to get into a boyband!?
16:30 - What do you do if there are no deals in your area? It's hard in Ireland.
17:14 - Do you experience GPU Coil Whine, if so how do you deal with it? Is it a problem for you?
18:10 - Corsair VS Power Supplies, a believer!
19:18 - For Flipping PCs, is RGB a good seller? Do I need it?\
19:58 - Should I sell my current build or keep it? It's an 8770(?)K rig
21:30 - What happened to your brother's Evo?
21:49 - Do you have any recommendations for deals internationally? Need something on a Budget
22:18 - Would threadripper block variant AIOs work better than their smaller block counterparts for smaller CPUs (with smaller IHSes)
23:06 - One eye isn't lazy it's just looking for the deals
23:17 - I have a budget of $500, What should I do?
24:02 - What should with the current Xeons I have? Keep the x5650 or keep the e5-2670 v1?
25:09 - Would you recommend used mining GPUs? If so what's the best way to clean them?
26:09 - Great read for people with lazy eye.

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