Sony Buys HACKED PS4 on Ebay, Smash Pro Destroys Controller, Xbox One Phone Streaming


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Sony Buys HACKED PS4 on Ebay, Smash Pro Destroys Controller, Xbox One Phone Streaming, along with Metal Gear Solid HD being backwards compatible on Xbox One in today's episode of the News You Missed with me Protomario.

Citations For Today's Video -

Fan Rebuilds Metal Gear Solid's Shadow Moses Island In Lego Worlds

Lego Gear Shadow Moses Island Recreated in Lego Worlds (PART 1)

Bowsette Is Now A Final Boss Battle

New Super Mario Bros Wii - Bowsette Final Boss & Ending

Nerd out with this 21-minute video of the supercomputer behind the Nintendo 64

SGI's $250,000 Graphics Supercomputer from 1993 - Silicon Graphics Onyx RealityEngine²

Super Mario Party brings the franchise back to greatness

Smash Champion Takes Out Loss On His Poor Controller

Skybound Games Finishing Telltale's The Walking Dead

Borderlands 2 VR Coming To PlayStation 4 In December

Borderlands 2 VR: Announcement Trailer

Sony Sues Hacker For Selling Jailbroken PS4s

Microsoft’s new Xbox game cloud-streaming tech is Project xCloud

Project xCloud: Gaming with you at the center

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