Timing is EVERYTHING! Shoes and Items From ROSS + PLATOS + Goodwill - Ebay Thrift Along Ep 31


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Timing is EVERYTHING! Shoes and Items From ROSS + PLATOS + Goodwill - Ebay Thrift Along Ep 31 Atlanta

Episode 32: Timing is EVERYTHING in the hustle game! Trip to Ross, Platos, Marshalls, and the Thrift! Ride along and see what I find...

Mike's IG (thethriftinggoomba)

IG: knowit2flipit
Email: knowittv123@gmail.com

Thrift along and see everyday items found at Thrift stores / Ross / Goodwill / TJ Maxx / Marshalls / Plato's to sell online. This haul has items that will be sold on Ebay and Amazon.

In store thrift along and review of all the pickups.

Channel: My name is Jake and I'm a part time reseller. I started selling Jordans and Jerseys on Ebay years ago, and have now expanded into selling everything. For me, diversity in products has been the key to continue making money reselling. In my videos I share my finds, and what I look for when thrifting. I'd like to help anyone else looking to get into reselling as a way to make extra money.

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